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Why  We ?



Let's experience the last lights of the day painting the horizon line red in the sky. 


You Are In Control!

No, I can hear you say no more... :D You may wonder what it's like to be a pilot, then let's give you the controls and use the paragliding with our instructions!


Action Flight

If you want an extraordinary flight, Extreme, G pressure, seeing Ölüdeniz from the reverse, defying gravity, just tell your pilot and our team will give you the best with 15 years of experience.


Special Day and Organization

Giving a paragliding gift to your loved one, even surprise him with a cake and candles in the air, or making a marriage proposal to your loved one with a banner and ring in the air. Also in Fethiye Oludeniz


Female Pilot Option

Especially for our female passengers who want female pilots, our team has very few female pilots in the world.


Side-by-Side Flight

We do not even separate you in the air, we bring our parachutes to the side  and we can even walk on the other parachute if you want.


+15 min Long Flight 

The standard of flights from Babadağ in our region is 25-30 minutes, according to your request and weather conditions.

where appropriate  + we extend the flight for 15 minutes.


Shall we go to Butterfly Valley?

According to your request, we can make a bird's eye visit to the butterflies valley, provided that the weather conditions are suitable.



We pick you up from your hotel at the designated time, and first we come to the office. You leave things you need to leave. Then we go to Babadağ with our vehicle departing from Ölüdeniz.


After climbing the hill, the availability of the weather is checked, and if the weather conditions are suitable for the weight limits, flight preparations begin. Just after the flight equipment is put on, your pilot will tell you what to do during take-off and your flight begins. You can start enjoying the most beautiful view in the world.


You can shoot professional photos with about 100-150 GoPro, 2-3 full HD video shots and 6-8 360 cameras. If you review and like your photos in the office, you can buy them. 

Hotel Transfer

Our shuttles can drop you back to your hotel after your flight and image upload are complete.

Çapa 1
  • Do you have a female pilot?
    We have a female pilot in our team.
  • What should I bring with me to the flight?
    Sneakers and sunglasses
  • How high will I fly?
    Babadag has take-off runways at 1200,1700,1800 and 2000 meters altitude. Flights are made from whichever runway the instant weather conditions are suitable for. Although the altitude changes, the flight takes 25-30 minutes from all runways on average.
  • Will any experience be needed to fly?
    You don't need training to fly. Before the flight, your pilot will tell you what you need to do during takeoff and landing, with the information that will be given to you. You will meet the sky in a few steps by moving together during take off.
  • Is there an age limit for paragliding in Ölüdeniz?
    There is an age limit between 4 and 65 years old. Those who are pregnant cannot fly. We do not recommend people with heart, blood pressure and diabetes problems to fly.
  • Is there a weight limit for paragliding in Fethiye?
    There is a 100-kilogram passenger weight limit for tandem paragliding.
  • Do you have insurance for paragliding in Fethiye?
    Yes. Every pilot has 3rd party insurance for himself/herself, even for any damage that may occur to someone from outside.

About Fethiye Paragliding

We have mastered our work since 2004, when we started paragliding. We have reached wider audiences with our quality, special services and incomparable customer relations. We will never stop expanding and improving our services in order to continue our services in the Oludeniz region in the best way possible.

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